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A New Home Search

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A New Home Search

The Not-So-Tiny Tiny Home: Manufactured Housing Offers A Compromise On Size

Elli Jokela

People looking to either reduce their footprint when buying a home or who find that homes in their area are out of reach price-wise sometimes look at buying tiny homes. They think about finding some land and placing the tiny home there and living cheaply. But there's another option for those who really do want more space: a manufactured home. These homes are cheaper than regular homes but often look the same as a typical stick-built one-story house. For people who don't want to or can't buy a regular home and who aren't thrilled about tiny homes, a manufactured home is a great compromise.

Can Be Manufactured in Sizes Regular Developers Wouldn't Touch

For those who want smaller living quarters but not as small as what tiny homes offer, a manufactured home is great. Builders can make them in sizes that typical house developers wouldn't touch. The trend for houses now is to build them big, with many bedrooms, but a manufactured home could be a simple one-bedroom. That could be the best size for you if you don't want a huge McMansion-style home. And if you're on a budget, you get a nice-looking home for less.

Not Always on Wheels

Manufactured homes are built with wheels, but the wheels are often removed once the home is placed onsite. And even if the wheels aren't removed, they're stabilized so that the home isn't rocking as you walk around inside. Tiny homes aren't always that way; many are like small trailers or fifth wheels, and they're built on wheels that can't be removed. You can stabilize them to an extent, but not like you can with a manufactured home.

Better Pricing Means More Space for Less Money

Manufactured homes are typically cheaper than stick-built homes. If you've wanted to buy a home but thought you had to look at tiny homes because you couldn't afford a "regular" home, a manufactured home may be exactly what you're looking for. Maybe you thought that since tiny homes were all you could afford, you were stuck with trying to downsize to fit into that smaller space. But if you look at manufactured homes, you'll see that the price you'd pay for a tiny home isn't that much less than paying for a manufactured home that's got a bit more space. But, you say, tiny homes are manufactured, too. They can be; not all of them are just small manufactured homes. As mentioned before, many are more like trailers that have been dolled up. Tiny homes also tend to have lofts or second stories and staircases or ladders that make them more difficult for those with mobility issues to use. A single-story manufactured home eliminates those issues and gives buyers the best amount of space for the best price. 

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