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A New Home Search

Some Advantages Of Leasing A Duplex For Your Family

Elli Jokela

If you are looking for a new place for you and your family, then you might want to think about moving your family into an apartment duplex. There are so many reasons why leasing a duplex can be a great choice for your family, and a few of the big advantages will be listed in this article. Here is more on the advantages of leasing a duplex: 

More duplexes have yards than apartments do

While a duplex is a multi-unit setup just like an apartment complex is, there are some differences between the two types of housing. One of the differences is often that a duplex will offer you more of a yard. Apartments can be very limited in the amount of private outdoor space they offer. Sometimes, you won't even get a balcony with an apartment. However, it is quite common for you to have your own private yard when you lease a duplex. 

Duplexes will often offer you more privacy

It's difficult to get the amount of privacy you may want for your family when you lease an apartment. This is because you could end up with neighbors on both sides of you, and above and below you. However, when you lease a duplex, you will end up with one neighbor you share a wall with. If you share a wall with two neighbors, then this is called a triplex. 

A duplex can be a great compromise

If you like the idea of leasing a house for your family, but have a budget that's geared more toward an apartment, then a duplex may work out great. Duplexes are one of the closest types of residences to a house you can find that will have more of an apartment price tag. This is why you may find leasing a duplex to be a great compromise for your family. 

Duplexes are often found in traditional residential neighborhoods

Apartments are often located in entire neighborhoods of other apartment complexes. However, duplexes can be located in the middle of a regular residential neighborhood. This is something that can help your family to feel more like you are leasing a house, rather than leasing an apartment. 

Duplexes often have garages

It's also rare to find an apartment that has a private garage that comes with your unit. However, many duplexes offer each family their own separate and private garage. Not only does this mean you can park your car in there to keep it cleaner and safer, but it also means that you will have somewhere to store some of your belongings. 

For more information, look at duplexes for lease in your area.