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A New Home Search

3 Reasons To Have Ready-Mixed Concrete Delivered

Elli Jokela

To the untrained eye, concrete might look the same no matter where or how it is poured. Yet in the world of construction, the reality is that there is a staggering variety of concrete. Reinforced, lightweight, and pre-stressed concrete are just some of the many examples. One of the most popular, however, is ready-mixed concrete, which is delivered daily to thousands of large construction sites across the country. If you are deliberating which kind of concrete to use for a major construction project in the near future, take a look below at just a few of the benefits of having your concrete ready mixed and delivered.

The Importance of Integrity and Precision

The structural integrity of concrete has extremely important implications. It often determines not only the lifespan of a structure but also its safety for a variety of different use cases. Furthermore, concrete that is not mixed to exact specifications often means that its structural integrity is compromised. When concrete is mixed on-site, especially in smaller sites, this is always a potential risk to some extent. Ready-mixed concrete, however, is mixed off-site and conforms exactly to the requirements put forward in the order. If you need concrete that can be used without worrying about its consistency or quality, ready-mixed concrete is a perfect solution.

Surprising Affordability

You might assume that because ready-mixed concrete is developed with the specifications of each customer in mind, it would be prohibitively expensive. Yet because the concrete is mixed off-site and delivered, the opposite is actually true for larger projects. By using ready-mixed concrete, contractors do not need to pay their employees to sit around waiting for concrete to be mixed. Nor do they need to worry about material that is wasted, or that needs to be stored until a future date. All these contribute to long-term project costs can be surprisingly low.

Efficient Transit Mixing

One major concern that some might have with ready-mixed concrete is the possibility of it hardening or losing consistency on its way to a job site. Yet ready-mixed concrete is always delivered in mixing trucks that are specifically designed for transporting it, as long as the job site is within a reasonable delivery radius. Because concrete that is mixed on-site is no less prone to hardening quickly, ready-mixed concrete delivery has no disadvantages in this regard. 

For more information about ready-mixed concrete, contact a company in your area.