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A New Home Search

How To Find The Ideal Apartment As A Dog Owner

Elli Jokela

Finding the ideal apartment can be challenging when you own a dog. If you're eager to rent but have hesitations due to your dog, you'll need to look for pet-friendly buildings that are ideal to rent. Understanding what to look for and the questions to ask can help you choose an apartment that is the right choice for your dog without hesitations. 

Pet-Friendly Lease

The first thing to check when you've been comparing apartment buildings is the lease and whether they accept dogs without any fees. While an apartment building may allow dogs, additional expenses could be involved. Pet deposits, monthly pet rent, and other fees should all be inquired about before becoming serious about a rental. 

Understanding the lease and all the expenses involved can give you a clear impression of how expensive an apartment will be beyond the rent. Pet owners could have specific rules, such as needing to rent a ground floor unit or taking their dog to a specific area to do their business. 

By understanding the lease, you won't run into issues where you're surprised by fees or any rules you weren't made aware of. 

Outdoor Areas

As you check out different apartments for rent, it's wise to see what the options are for outdoor areas. It could surprise you to find apartment buildings with accommodating features, such as a dog run to allow your dog to exercise with your neighbors. 

Having paved paths or trails nearby can make it easier to enjoy taking your dog on walks. Getting familiar with the available outdoor areas can ensure you won't be upset with the limited options for getting outside with your dog daily. 

Layout and Stairs

Before committing to a specific apartment, it makes sense to discuss the layout of the apartment and whether it's the right match for your lifestyle. Owning a senior or small breed dog could limit how capable your dog is of climbing up and down stairs. The apartment layout should also provide enough open space to make playing with your dog easier. 

By checking out the choices for both apartment buildings and the units themselves, you'll get information about whether your dog will be welcomed at an apartment or if you need to keep searching. With the above tips for finding an apartment and knowing what to ask an apartment manager, you'll secure an apartment that's ideal for both you and your dog.  

For more information, look at apartments for rent in your area.