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A New Home Search

How To Buy Commercial Property

Elli Jokela

Commercial properties are a sound investment for several reasons. You invest less in building and customizing than you would in a residential home. In addition, you can use the triple net lease whereby the company leasing the property bears the building insurance, maintenance, and real estate taxes. Another advantage of commercial properties is the professional approach to the purchase. Sellers of commercial properties do not consider the emotional appeal, but instead, they offer practical solutions that fit your needs. The market has numerous commercial properties for sale, and you need to be cautious when purchasing. This article gives you a few insightful tips that are essential when buying commercial properties. 

Have a Plan

There are numerous attractive pieces of commercial real estate in the market. This feature is one of the advantages of choosing this niche. You can diversify your portfolio and have a wide range of commercial properties, reducing the risk and boosting your returns. However, the variety of properties is also disadvantageous if you have no plan.

Educate yourself regarding different commercial properties. Ensure that all properties selected for your investment portfolio fit into your overall strategy. Evaluate the advantages and risks of every property and balance your options. For example, storage units and multifamily homes operate the same way. However, storage units are a subclass of industrial properties, and you do not need to deal with the problems of residential tenants. Therefore, ensure you have a solid investment plan before investing in commercial properties.

Prepare for Underwriting

Commercial properties also require you to sharpen your underwriting skills. You can get different underwriting tools from online templates, spreadsheet programs, and other tactics. Underwriting tools help you account for the purchase price, project rent, rehab costs, and financing. The use of underwriting tools is also essential in helping you explain the estimated returns to potential investors in the deal. You can also use any metric that predicts whether the property is worth it. For example, examine the asking price per square foot of the property and compare different properties. If it is your first investment, such metrics may not make much sense, but as you gain experience, you will generate your own quick and effective formula. 

Ask the Professionals

Even if you are an experienced investor, having several professionals in your team has its advantages. Ensure you have a real estate broker to bring you deals and connections. You can also hire a real estate attorney, especially one that specializes in commercial properties. The attorney reviews and negotiates agreements on your behalf. Having such a professional helps you avoid land-use issues, environmental problems, and zoning restrictions. Other valuable professionals you should have include contractors and property management companies.

Create a Rapport With Lenders

Lenders are essential in providing financing for purchasing commercial properties. In addition, most lenders use specific underwriting criteria to determine the viability of a deal. If the lender refuses to fund you, the deal probably exposes you to certain risks. Therefore, ensure you have a close relationship with the lender. 

The essential tips for buying commercial properties include planning, underwriting, consulting professionals, and creating a rapport with your lenders. Talk to a real estate professional to find commercial properties for sale