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A New Home Search

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A New Home Search

How Second Chance Apartment Leasing Works

Elli Jokela

An eviction, a broken lease, a poor credit score, or a prior conviction could affect your ability to secure adequate housing. If you have applied to be a tenant at many housing complexes, but have failed to receive approval, consider choosing a second chance apartment leasing service.

How a Service Works

Property owners who are willing to overlook blemishes on a person's record or credit history may partner with a real estate agent or an apartment leasing program. A second chance service will match potential renters with property listings that they qualify for. A property owner will likely require an applicant to fill out some paperwork that pertains to the type of rental that is being sought and to provide information about a future tenant's family composition.

If a credit check is not going to be used to screen each applicant, a property owner may require proof of earnings instead. As long as an applicant has been classified as someone who will be able to afford the rent that is being charged, a property owner may go ahead and approve the application that an individual has submitted. 

Custom Policies

Some second chance services involve assigning a client to a customer representative. A representative will inquire about past circumstances that have caused a client to be ineligible to rent. A representative will provide a client with some rental listings that are located in either local or nationwide areas.

A client can request to receive assistance with being matched with a residence that is located in a particular region. Housing styles that are offered to second chance applicants may vary. Apartments, condominiums, single-family homes, and mobile homes may all be offered through a second chance lease agreement. 

Payments and Applications

Paying a lease on time will help you establish a positive rental history. If you are not certain that you will be living in a particular region for a long duration, it is important to build your rental history now. A representative will work solely to help you find suitable housing. Housing that you are matched with may be in a rural, suburban, or urban location.

The person who is assigned to help you will perform all of the property searches first. Afterward, they will provide guidance with filling out rental applications. With the use of a second chance apartment leasing service, you will not waste hundreds of dollars on applications that will ultimately be declined.