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A New Home Search

5 Luxury Real Estate Trends For 2022 And Beyond

Elli Jokela

While life may be returning to normal in 2022, the pandemic has changed the needs of luxury home buyers. A gorgeous kitchen with waterfall, granite countertops is still a must-have for many homebuyers; however, there are many trends that are rising to the top of many homebuyers' wants, post-pandemic. Living through the pandemic has changed everyone's perspective on a variety of topics, and luxury real estate is no exception. 

1. Outdoor recreation

Quarantining, social distancing, and sheltering in place are all much easier to accomplish when you have fun things to do at home. Everything from inground swimming pools and extensive home gyms to putting greens and basketball courts is high on the wish lists of luxury home buyers. 

2. Oversize pantry

Whether you plan on stockpiling toilet paper or tomato soup, an oversize pantry is a necessity for many luxury real estate homes moving forward. While the government has been recommending that every family have several days of food and water on hand through its Ready.gov website for years, the pandemic made it a reality for everyone. Pantries and additional storage space to house extra food, water, and other supplies are now trending for luxury real estate sales. 

3. Package delivery

Americans love to shop online. In fact, online shopping was $710 billion in 2020, an 18 percent increase from previous years. All those deliveries, coupled with food delivery services, have created a trend in luxury real estate for a package drop-off area. Some new home builders are even adding vestibules that can be locked off from the rest of the home strictly for this purpose.

4. Closed floor plan

While open floor plans have been de rigueur for decades, luxury real estate is now bucking that trend. Closed floor plans allow privacy and separation when the need arises for multiple family members to work and school from home should the need arise again. This includes private home office spaces, so-called "Zoom rooms", and doors to additional family spaces that can close when necessary. 

5. Separate living quarters

Having an additional bedroom suite on the first floor with a separate entrance has always been desirable in the luxury real estate market. It allowed a nanny or an in-law to have their own, separate space. Post-pandemic, however, many families are realizing that this space is even more important as it can be used as a quarantine bedroom, keeping the infected person separate from the rest of the family, yet still comfortable. 

Luxury real estate will always want high-end finishes and extra square footage. Trends for 2022 and beyond, however, will continue to be influenced by the pandemic. Contact a luxury real estate agent near you to learn more.