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A New Home Search

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A New Home Search

Senior Apartments: What Are You Looking For?

Elli Jokela

You want to downsize and get into affordable housing as you age, which is why you're now looking at senior apartments. Now what? What are you looking for in housing? What is it you need, don't need? What is different about senior apartments from traditional apartments?

Use this guide to help you get the most out of your apartment-searching endeavors. With luck and knowledge, you should be able to find the best senior apartments for your needs.

Affordable rates

First and foremost, all the senior apartments you look at should have affordable rates. What makes senior apartments the price they are is dependent upon the base rate for the apartments and what features or amenities are included in the rent. For example, a cheaper apartment might have separate fees for laundry services or utilities, while pricier senior apartments might have the utilities and other benefits included in the rate.

Get to the bottom of the rates of all senior apartments you look at so you know which ones will give you the best deal. Even a few dollars saved on your senior apartment rental will add up and give you more financial freedom.

Handicap accessibility

Senior apartments are handicap accessible to a degree, but some might be more handicap accessible than others. Look for senior apartments on the ground floor with an entrance from where you park for closer access or senior apartments that have hand railings along the hallways or specially fitted bathroom fixtures. Even if you don't need all handicap accessible features now, you may need them in the future, so choose the right senior apartments for your future needs.

Town access

Do you plan on using public transportation to get around when you move into senior apartments? Are you a fan of walking? Do you own your own car but you want to save on gas? When it comes to choosing senior apartments, stick to units that are close to the best features in town that you enjoy now, such as the local library, movie theater, greenbelt, and more. This way, you won't find yourself spending more time behind the wheel or on local transportation than you need to.

Ask a local real estate agent to help you find senior apartments for rent or sale in your area. When you find the right senior housing for your needs, you'll be able to move in as soon as your contract date arrives. Write down what you need in senior apartments so your real estate agent can narrow your search for you.