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A New Home Search

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A New Home Search

How A Realtor Can Help Sell Your Home Quickly

Elli Jokela

Have you already bought your next home and need to sell your current home quickly? This may be necessary because you cannot sustain two mortgages at the same time and need to sell your home to help make a down payment on your new home. Thankfully, this is a task that a realtor can help you out with. Here are some ways that they will help sell your house quickly.

Price The Home To Sell

One of the best ways to get people interested in buying your home is to price it to sell. While some sellers prefer to start with their home listed high and then either negotiate with a buyer or lower the price, this can take some time to maximize the value that you get for your home. If you are just looking to sell quickly, then your realtor will need to price your home to sell quickly. 

The trick will be to perform a comparative market analysis to figure out what your home is actually worth. This is done by looking at recently sold homes in the area that are similar to yours and comparing the sale price of them over the past few years. The realtor will then want to make a calculated decision for how much lower they should list your home than its actual value. Pricing a home low doesn't necessarily mean it will sell low either, as a home that has a good price could spark a bidding war now that it has caught the interest of local buyers.

Stage The Home

If you've already moved out, you may notice that your home is a bit harder to sell when it is empty. Your realtor can help stage your home by bringing in furniture to help buyers imagine what the home could be like when they move in. Staging a home does not mean that it has to be completely covered with furniture, but can have a few key items that help a room feel like what it is supposed to be. This includes putting a couch in the living room, a table in the dining room, and a bed in the bedroom. 

Of course, a realtor can always pick furniture that is a bit on the small side to make the rooms feel bigger. For example, putting a queen-size bed in the bedroom is going to make the space feel like it has more room compared to putting a king-size bed in there.

Contact a real estate agent for more information when you are ready to sell a house.