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A New Home Search

Details To Look At In Single-Family Home Listings

Elli Jokela

A single-family home listing usually contains pictures of the house that's listed, and these images can be helpful to an extent. To fully assess a listed house, though, you want to look beyond these pictures and examine some of the other details found in a listing. The following two details will give you a more full understanding of what a single-family home is probably like.

The Square Footage

The square footage of a house tells you precisely how large a house is. Whereas bedrooms and other rooms can vary in size, a square foot is a standard unit of measurement. Therefore, it's a more accurate way to measure a house's size than using the number of bedrooms or bathrooms. When looking at square footage, there are two important factors that you should consider.

First, make sure that the listed home is indeed large enough for your family to live in. Check the square footage of your current residence, and see how the square footage of the listed home compares. This measurement will help you better evaluate whether the home has enough space for everyone in your family.

Second, a home's price per square foot provides an objective way to evaluate how a home's price compares to the prices of other homes on the market. To calculate a listed home's price per square foot, divide the asking price by the home's square footage. Alternatively, you can check the listing -- most listings do this calculation for you and also note the price per square foot.

Once you know what a listed home's price per square foot is, see how that compares to the price per foot of similar homes in the neighborhood. If the listed home that you're looking at has a significantly higher price per square foot, see whether it contains special features that justify the additional cost. If the listed home has a significantly lower price per square foot, you may have found a bargain.

The School District

Any house's value can be impacted by the school district that the house is located in, but this factor can have an especially large impact on a single-family home's value. Since families often have school-age children, they're particularly concerned about how good the schools are.

A home's listing will often note what school district the single-family house is listed in. You can assess the quality of the district if you're familiar with the area, or you can ask a real estate agent to check how good this district is if you're unfamiliar with the region.

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