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A New Home Search

Amenities You Can't Do Without When Looking For Senior Apartments

Elli Jokela

Many senior apartment communities offer a long list of often-luxurious amenities. There might be an Olympic-size pool, an on-site workout facility, a community room you can use for larger parties, and even an on-site cafe. These amenities are certainly enjoyable, but when you're apartment hunting, it's important not to get so caught up in the frills that you forget to look at what's really important. These senior apartment amenities should be considered essential. Don't rent a space without them!

Grab Bars

You might get around just fine without grab bars in the bathroom right now, but what if you fell and broke a leg next week? Grab bars can make the difference between being able to recover at home on your own, and having to stay in a rehab facility. The apartment should have one by the toilet and at least one in the shower. If these are absent from the apartment bathroom, ask the landlord if they can add some grab bars. Doing so is pretty simple and inexpensive, so they might be willing to oblige, especially since future tenants will appreciate them, too.

Wide Doorways

Wheelchairs are typically less than 30 inches wide. Therefore, a senior apartment should have accessible doorways that are at least 32 inches wide. (Even wider is better; you'll find some apartments with 34-inch doorways.) Again, you might not be in a wheelchair right now, but you want an apartment that allows for that possibility in the future so you don't have to move again!

Carpeted Floors

While you won't want carpet in the bathroom or kitchen for sanitary reasons, you should look for an apartment with a carpeted living room, bedroom, and dining area. Carpeting is soft, so it will give you a little cushioning if you happen to fall. If you are worried about keeping carpet clean, see whether the apartment community has contact with a cleaning service. They may be able to send someone to vacuum the carpet for you once a week or so.

Elevators to Second Floors

If you are looking at an apartment that is on the second floor of a building, make sure there is an elevator that goes to that second floor. Stairs are a lot harder to navigate, and you don't want to have to move apartments if you end up with mobility issues in the future.

When you rent a senior apartment, make sure it has these amenities. Other amenities, like a pool, are nice, but they're not as important.