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A New Home Search

A Few Mouse Control Tips That Help Keep The Unwelcome Pests Out Of Your Home

Elli Jokela

Mice are such tiny creatures that they can wiggle through the tiniest of cracks. They're smart too, so keeping them out of your home can be a struggle. Controlling mice is more about preventing them than it is about catching them with traps. You want to keep the mice out before they get inside and cause damage. Mice enter your home to look for food, shelter, and water. Here are some things you can do to keep them at bay:

Eliminate Food Odors Inside And Out

When eliminating food for mice, you want to consider both indoors and outdoors. If there is a handy food source outside your home, the mice may move inside so they'll have a shelter near the food source. For that reason, you should keep your garden away from the house and be careful about the type of plants you grow near your foundation. Also, pet food that you leave outdoors will attract a variety of pests, so try to feed your animals on a schedule so pet food doesn't sit unattended during the day or night.

Try to keep the food in your cabinets sealed so the mice can't get to them. Mice can chew through cardboard and thin plastic, so you want to place food in containers that seal shut so the mice can't smell the food or chew through flimsy cardboard to get it. Don't leave dirty dishes sitting out and clean up crumbs after eating and snacking so the odor of food doesn't attract mice into the kitchen.

Block Access To A Comfortable Shelter

Sealing your home against mice is a tedious task. You may prefer to hire a pest control expert to handle this job. An expert knows the areas that are vulnerable and he or she knows what to look for. All the tiny gaps in the walls, foundation, and roof of your home must be sealed to keep out the mice. The proper materials must be used or the mice will chew their way inside if they are determined to find food or warmth.

In addition to sealing your home, remove potential shelters from your yard. This could be a big brush pile or an old junk car. Anything that provides protection from wind and rain can make for a nice mouse habitat. If there are outbuildings on your property, you may need to be more aggressive with mouse control. You may want a pest control company to use bait or traps depending on whether you have outdoor pets or have concerns about other wildlife. If you have a barn with hay or animal feed in it, then you may need to work closely with a pest control company to keep mice under control so they don't multiply and invade your home.

Leave Out Monitoring Traps

You may want to leave out traps in your attic or another place your pets don't go to monitor for mouse activity. If you only have a few mice, they may be so quiet you don't realize they are in your home. A trap can alert you to the presence of mice and kill them at the same time. Once you know a mouse has gotten inside, go over the outside of your home again to look for an entry point so you can seal it shut.

Contact a mouse control service for more information and assistance.