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A New Home Search

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A New Home Search

Selling Your Home This Fall? Use These Tips To Make The Most Of Every Showing Opportunity

Elli Jokela

With the spring and summer selling season now over, home owners who need to sell their homes this year are busy gearing up to put their homes on the market. Since selling during the autumn and winter months can be much more challenging than it is during the more active spring and summer seasons, it makes sense for these sellers to do everything they can to maximize each showing opportunity. If you are planning to sell your home this fall and want to make sure that each buyer visit is as pleasant and productive as possible, the following tips will help. 

Offset waning daylight with additional lighting

Shorter daylight hours and increasing instances of inclement weather can make even the most attractive homes appear cheerless and unwelcoming. To counteract this, both indoors and out, sellers may want to consider adding additional light sources and using mirrors or alternative lighting to eliminate shadows and brighten their home and yard. Some good ways to do this include: 

  • framing walkways, decks, patios, and driveways with inexpensive solar lights (if possible, choose solar lights with a design or color that will also be attractive during daylight hours when the light will be off)
  • adding mirrors to reflect light in areas where shadows often abound, such as entry ways, hallways, and on staircases
  • adding decorative battery-operated candles to windowsills where they will capture the buyer's eye from the curb, as well as add warmth and brightness to the interior of the home

If the home has a fireplace, consider also placing a decorative arrangement of battery-operated candles inside the opening to simulate the warmth of a real fire with no messy ashes to clean up. 

Keep walkways, porches, and patios clear of falling leaves

Another potential issue that can cause prospective buyers to lose interest in a home they are viewing during the fall is when falling leaves are not kept cleared, making the exterior look messy and cluttered. During the part of fall when leaves are falling rapidly, walkways, porches, decks, and decorative areas of the lawn can become completely obscured by these leaves. Even worse, a heavy mat of leaf litter can become a slippery, dangerous surface when wet with dew or rain.

To prevent this from happening, sellers should take extra care to keep areas where prospective buyers and their showing agents will be walking clean and free of leaf matter. Taking just a little extra time to make sure that each buyer sees your home in its most favorable light can pay off big with better purchase offers and a faster selling process. Contact a real estate agency like Spears & Co Real Estate for additional advice.