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A New Home Search

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A New Home Search

Tips For Buying Property At A Real Estate Auction

Elli Jokela

Real estate is often an excellent investment, and savvy investors know that hidden gems can be purchased at real estate auctions for a great price. But if you have never purchased property at a real estate auction, you need to be prepared before you show up and start bidding. Use the following tips to help you succeed in purchasing real estate at an auction:

Research Properties

When a real estate auction is announced, it will include the addresses of the properties up for auction. Your best bet is to learn as much as you can about properties you are interested in before the auction date. In most cases, you will not be able to view the interior of a property that is being sold at a real estate auction. But it is a good idea to drive by the property, and walk around the exterior, if possible. If the outside of a property is run down and in disrepair, there is a good chance that the interior in in a similar condition.

You should also do a title search on any property that you are interested in bidding on. A simple title search can provide a lot of information about a property, including whether or not their are any liens. Be wary of a property with numerous liens, since you will end up being responsible for paying them.

Understand the Auction Rules

Each real estate auction will have their own set of rules an regulations, and it is important to understand these in advance. Some auctions may require bidders to register in advance, many auctions sell properties "as-is" without any warranties or guarantees, and it is not uncommon for a real estate auction to require bidders to bring a pre-determined amount of money with them in certified funds. Knowing and understanding the rules will ensure that you're ready and prepared for a real estate auction.

Leave Emotions Behind

One of the keys to successfully buying property at real estate auctions is leaving behind your emotions. If you're thinking emotionally at a real estate auction, you may end up over-bidding on a property and spending more than you should. Instead, determine exactly how much you are willing to spend on a property before you go to the auction. If bidding goes beyond your designated amount, be prepared to walk away and wait for another property. This strategy will help ensure that you end up buying high potential properties for as little money as possible. 

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