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A New Home Search

After several years of diligently saving money, I’m nearly ready to purchase my first home. Because I’ve been thinking about buying a home for so long, I know exactly what I want my house to look like. I desire a place that has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. I also need a quiet space to set up my home office in. I want a massive, walk-in closet in my master bedroom. My master bathroom needs to have double vanities, a tiled, walk-in shower, and a Jacuzzi tub. On this blog, I hope you will discover how to set priorities during your new home search. Enjoy!


A New Home Search

Tips For Buying A Home

Elli Jokela

Buying a home is an exciting and a stressful time in life. The decision to buy a house has to be a long thought out decision, but it can definitely be a better option than renting. It can definitely be nice to know you can do whatever you want with the home and that you are actually building equity instead of throwing your money into the pocket of a landlord. However, buying a home can be intimidating and the process can be very long and drawn out. There are a few things that you should consider doing when buying a house that could make your buying experience much more pleasant. 


It is inevitable that when you are buying a house, a credit check will be done to see if you qualify to buy a home. The best thing to do is to know exactly where your credit score is and to know the reasons your credit score is where it is at. It is possible that you have excellent credit and will be able to qualify no problem. However, if you do not have good credit, your score could hold you back from qualifying for the home or a good interest rate on the home. Check your credit well in advance so you have time to work on it if need be. 


If you really want to make your experience better, you may want to pre-qualify for a home loan. There is nothing like finding the home you love only to find that lender will not allow you to take out that much of a loan. The best thing to do is to pre-qualify and find exactly what your budget is. To pre-qualify you will need two years of past bank statements, pay stubs from the past month, and your credit score. The lender will then give you a number to go up to. 

Real Estate Agent

Utilizing a real estate agent as a buyer is very important. The services provided by the real estate agent are extremely valuable. He or she will have access to all of the listings in the area, and have the ability to get you in the house for a tour. So the real estate agent makes looking at houses for sale a lot easier. Then when it comes time to put an offer in on the house and start the closing process, the real estate agent can help you understand all of the paperwork.