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A New Home Search

After several years of diligently saving money, I’m nearly ready to purchase my first home. Because I’ve been thinking about buying a home for so long, I know exactly what I want my house to look like. I desire a place that has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. I also need a quiet space to set up my home office in. I want a massive, walk-in closet in my master bedroom. My master bathroom needs to have double vanities, a tiled, walk-in shower, and a Jacuzzi tub. On this blog, I hope you will discover how to set priorities during your new home search. Enjoy!


A New Home Search

Moving From A Large Home Into A Smaller One

Elli Jokela

If you currently live in a large home and you will be downgrading into a smaller house, a condo, a townhome or a mobile home, then you want to make sure you take some steps to make the downgrade go smoothly. You have to face that there will be many changes to make, one of the biggest being getting rid of a lot of your stuff. Here are some tips for downgrading your home:

Have a moving sale

Instead of having what you would refer to as a 'yard sale' or a 'garage sale' you would do much better to have a 'moving sale'. When you let people know that the purpose for the sale is because you will be moving, they tend to get more excited about showing up because they will assume that you will have a lot more stuff for sale. Also they can expect great prices since you really need to have the stuff gone from the property.

Get the neighbors involved in your sale

You will have a much better turn out for your moving sale if you can turn it into a block sale. Go around the neighborhood and see if you can get other neighbors involved in putting stuff out too. Also, let them know to feel free to do their own advertising as well. You may be surprised at home many more people will show up when your one moving sale has turned into a block sale.

Buy smaller furniture

You'll find that selling your large sectional sofa and going with a couch and a couple chairs will make it much easier for you to arrange your smaller sized living room. You can also sell large beds and downsize to smaller ones, if possible. Going with beds that are 'captain beds' with built in drawers under the mattresses will also allow you to have smaller dressers in the bedrooms.

Consider getting a storage shed if possible

If you move into an apartment, then this won't be possible. However, if you are going into a smaller house then you may be able to make a small investment in a storage shed in the yard. You can store any of the excess items you decided not to sell, or ones that didn't sell until you can find new homes for them. The storage shed will keep them safe until you figure out what to do with them next and you won't have to find room for them in your smaller home.

Also remember that when looking for perfect homes for sale a good real estate agent can do wonders!