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A New Home Search

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A New Home Search

Ways Homebuyers Negotiate When Buying Homes

Elli Jokela

When you sign the documents to list your home, you will get to set the price tag on the house, and your agent is likely to recommend asking a price that is slightly higher than what you hope to get out of the house. This is done to allow room for negotiations with buyers, but the price of a house is not the only way buyers can negotiate. Buyers may negotiate in several other ways, and you should be prepared for this when you are selling your house. 

Closing costs

Instead of offering a lower price on your house, homebuyers will often negotiate with other methods, and one common option is by asking you to pay for some or all of the closing costs involved with the deal. While sellers have to pay a commission on the sale and possibly other closing costs, the buyer will pay a variety of different costs. These costs can add up and can be very expensive. To negotiate with buying your home, a buyer might ask you to pay some of these costs he or she would normally be responsible for.

Work around the house

Another alternative to offering a lower price is the strategy that involves asking the seller to perform duties to the house before closing. This could be anything your house needs, such as replacing an old, worn out bathtub to replacing the countertops in a kitchen. It could also involve replacing flooring or fixing something that is broken. If a buyer really likes your house but does not like a particular feature of it, he or she may ask for something like this while offering you a price that is close to your asking amount.

Home Warranty

One other option some buyers may ask for in their purchase agreements is a home warranty. If a person likes your home but wants to make sure nothing in it breaks or goes wrong during the first year, the buyer might ask you to offer a one-year warranty on the home. The warranty would not include damage from normal wear and tear, but it would include fixing things that should not have experienced problems, such as the furnace.

There are so many different ways buyers can negotiate, and this is good to know if you are selling a house or buying one. If you have questions about selling or buying a house and would like more information, talk to a real estate agent.