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A New Home Search

3 Tips For Managing Troubling Tenants

Elli Jokela

As a landlord, one of the problems you could possibly face is having to manage bad tenants. Problems, such as not paying rent on time or damaging the property, can impact how efficiently you are able to manage your property and other tenants. If you have a bad tenant, here are some tips for dealing with them.  

Research the Law 

Ideally, the tenant's behavior will cease or he or she will decide to move. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and you might have to turn to the law to deal with a bad tenant. Before you can take action though, you need to know the tenant and landlord laws in your city.  

For instance, if you are considering eviction, you need to know the exact process. Most cities require that notices are provided to the tenant before eviction can even be filed. If you fail to take the proper steps, a judge could side with the tenant and refuse to issue the eviction order until you have done so.  

Document the Tenant's Behavior 

Without the proper documentation, your case against the tenant could come down to your word against his or hers. If you and the tenant wind up in court, you could potentially lose your case due to a lack of evidence. To avoid this, you need to ensure you have the documentation to back up your claims.  

In addition to documenting the tenant's behavior, you need to document your interactions with him or her. Include the dates, times, and names of witnesses for interactions with the tenant. In the future, you should consider documenting interactions with all residents regardless of if you are having an issue with them.  

Establish and Maintain Boundaries 

In an effort to be friendly and accessible to tenants, some landlords make the mistake of not establishing and maintaining boundaries between them and the tenants. It is acceptable to be friendly, but your relationship with the tenants should remain professional.  

By maintaining boundaries, you will have established some level of authority that you can rely on in your interactions with the tenants. He or she is more likely to take your warnings or notices seriously if you have been firm and unwavering in the past.  

Managing bad tenants can be challenging. A property management service can help take on this difficult task and even screen future applicants to decrease the odds that a troubling situation occurs.