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A New Home Search

Renting a Condo: What Makes It Different from a Home

Elli Jokela

When you have the option of renting a condo over renting a home, you may want to know what the difference in condo living is. Here are a few differentiating factors that you should think about when renting a condo over a home.


Condos, like apartment complexes, are often located in the heart of town, making them convenient locations for living when you are a college student or want to live closer to work. Rather than sitting in the middle of a classic neighborhood or subdivision like a classic home, condo living puts you closer to the hustle and bustle of your city or town. Keep this in mind when choosing a condo to live in, especially if you have children in the home.


When you rent a home, you don't have access to amenities that you can get from living in a condominium. You can enjoy perks such as 24-hour surveillance and security, an on-site manager, and even pool or gym access on the premises if you rent a condo over choosing a home. If this is something you would like, but you don't want the many neighbors or crowded feel of apartment living, then a condo is a perfect rental choice for you. You can even have your own private parking area and laundry service included in your monthly rent if you choose a condo that offers these amenities.


Renting a home usually comes with a few stipulations, such as no pets, no smoking allowed, or no painting of the inside of the unit allowed. A condo may have even more strict rules designed to keep peace and organization within the condominium as a whole. There may be an active-noise ordinance put into place, restrictions on planting gardens in the common yard, rules regarding having guests over, or even limits on how many people can live in your condo at one time. Before renting any condominium unit, check with the Condo Association for the building to see whether the rules will work for your needs and lifestyle.

Renting a condo such as one from Bradley Scott, Inc. can give you close access to the action in town while allowing you to have your own private and spacious unit to enjoy. Visit several condos for rent in your area so you can compare unit designs and locations to help you make your ultimate decision. If you have concerns about renting a condo over a house, talk to a real-estate agent to help you understand the pros and cons of each option.