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A New Home Search

5 Crucial Areas To Inspect And Clean Before Your Apartment Move-Out

Elli Jokela

If you are about to move out of your rental apartment, you will want to tidy up, clean and refresh the entire living area before moving day. This should include both the interior and exterior areas. Cleaning up is very important if you expect to have your security deposit returned. Most apartment managers will do a walk-through or move-out inspection after a tenant has moved out. If there is damage, the owners may retain your security deposit for repairs or maintenance, which will be at a monetary loss to you. To help ensure the apartment passes the move-out inspection, pay attention to the following crucial areas and do your best to clean them up:

1. The Carpet or Rug

This is one aspect that should not be overlooked. Replacing an entire carpet costs a lot of money for the apartment owners, and this will most likely be charged to you. While it is expected that carpeting may receive normal wear and tear due to everyday use, ground-in dirt or pet stains are not generally acceptable.

It is best to prevent stains from setting by treating them immediately. If you haven't done so, a thorough and professional steam cleaning prior to moving out is recommended. Hiring a professional is best for stained carpets that have not been treated. However, if your carpets only show minor dirt, you can probably rent a steam cleaning machine and do the task yourself.

2. The Kitchen Area

This is an area where most of the heavy maintenance work will occur. To help your move-out inspection run smoothly, begin by giving your refrigerator a thorough cleaning. Remove all shelves and gaskets and clean them with a dish detergent solution. Clean the interior of the refrigerator and freezer, and remove any traces of ice and food particles. DO not put shelves back in until they are completely dry.

Next you'll want to clean your oven. Do so only when you are sure you will not be using it again. Use a commercial oven cleaner for the interior. Don't forget to clean the burners on the stove and drip pans as well.

You should also clean the dishwasher (if applicable), the cabinets (inside and out), kitchen light fixtures, sink, and faucet. Lastly, clean your kitchen floor thoroughly. You might want to pull the appliances out to clean under them. Be careful not to damage the floor while doing so.

3. The Bathroom

Clean the bathtub, sink, and toilet thoroughly. As a final measure, use a disinfectant in those areas. Don't forget to clean the bathroom mirrors as well. Finally, clean and disinfect the bathroom floor, paying close attention to any grime around the toilet area.

4. Window Treatments and Walls

If your apartment provided you with window treatments in the way of blinds, now is the time to inspect and clean them. You can dust or clean them by hand or use an extension wand connected to a vacuum. Replace any blinds that are broken or damaged.

If possible, remove all nails and wall hangings from the walls. Be careful not to chip the paint from the wall as you do. You might want to inquire if it is your duty to patch and paint minor holes.

5. The Exterior of the Unit

This is an often-overlooked area for many tenants when moving from an apartment. Have a look at your balcony or patio. Be sure there is nothing left behind, such as trash or toys. You might want to sweep the area as well.

A a last consideration, you might want to ask your landlord or leasing agent when the move-out inspection is scheduled. If possible, try to attend. Take your camera along and snap pictures of the unit for documentation. Also, request a copy of the inspection results to keep for your personal records.