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Shopping for a Smart Lock? Two Features You Should Look For

Elli Jokela

Property crimes run rampant in the United States, with over 8 million instances reported in 2014 alone. As a business owner, it is up to you to protect your employees, your inventory, and your equipment, or else you risk the financial well being of your company. Fortunately, technology has extended into the realm of commercial security, and most business owners would be interested to know that smart locks are more secure than ever before. Here are two features you should look for before investing in a smart lock system and how they could help your business.

1. Seamless Integration with Automation

Nothing says "modern professional" like being able to adjust the temperature, the lighting, and the screen presentation right from your smartphone during a big meeting. Unfortunately, if you choose the wrong commercial lock system, you might end up fiddling with two separate remote controlsinstead of keeping track of everything with the same device

When you start shopping for a smart lock system, carefully consider the automation system that you already have in place. Talk with your commercial locksmith about which smart locks work with which automation systems, and choose models that operate with the same technology. For example, if you have an automation system that communicates with your controls via Bluetooth, don't choose a lock system that is only compatible with Wi-Fi. Also, don't forget to consider range. If your main front door is a long ways away from where your office is, choose a smart lock system with a longer-range operating network, such as Z-Wave, which works well for sensors far away. Otherwise, you might have to walk halfway across the building to let those visitors in from your smartphone. 

2. Scheduled Building Access

One of the best things about an electronic keypad is that you don't have to rely on physical metal keys anymore, and this can significantly improve the control you have over your business security. Instead of trying to track down that set of keys that belong to the employee that is leaving and remembering to drop them off at the locksmith to have a copy made, all you have to do is eliminate the old employee's code, add a new one to the system, and activate their access. However, some commercial-lock systems offer additional features that you might find convenient, such as scheduled building access.

Electronic locks that have scheduled building access not only allow you to program in key codes for each employee but also give you the option of scheduling when those codes will actually activate door locks. For example, some business owners give 24/7 access to local area managers and then program employee key codes to work during business hours. In addition to cutting down on employees accessing the building after hours, scheduled access can also be used to eliminate tardiness and time theft. For instance, some companies use systems that integrate their employee schedule with their commercial lock system, allowing employees to enter or exit the building during short time windows before or after their shifts are scheduled to begin.  

If you purchase a system with a scheduled-access option, don't forget to evaluate and update access regularly. Perform regular attendance audits to make sure that employees aren't present or missing when they shouldn't be, and adjust your settings accordingly. You never know—by doing something as simple as installing a smart lock system, you might be able to control your labor costs and weed out employees that are abusing the clock.

If you think that a smart lock could be right for your business, contact a commercial locksmith in your area. After evaluating your business needs and your personal preferences, a locksmith can install your system to keep your building—and your valued employees—safe.

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