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Locks for Your Business That Cut Down On Complete Locking System Replacements

Elli Jokela

If you own a commercial business that employs dozens of people, then you will want to make sure that your business is as secure as possible while also allowing employees to access appropriate spaces within the business. This means that you will need to choose the locks you use in your business to allow for security and access. However, you will also want to keep your costs down by avoiding the complete exchange or replacement of locks whenever an individual leaves your employ. To help with this, follow the tips below.

Choose Cylinder Locks

If you choose to use traditional keys in your business but you also want to make some areas accessible only to a few select individuals, then consider having a locksmith add cylinder locks to these areas. This is ideal for personal office spaces, storage rooms, and areas where money may be stored. Cylinder locks feature a core or internal cylinder that can be removed. This cylinder contains the pin tumblers that align to the key and allow the door to open. You can either purchase individually keyed locks that all open with a single distinct key or you can opt for a keyed-alike system in which a number of cylinders can be activated by the same key. Mastered key systems can work well, too. This system features a series of locks that are activated individually by distinct keys. However, a master key can also be used to activate the entire group of locks. 

Cylinder locks are generally chosen because the cylinder can be exchanged or rekeyed easily while the bolt system of the lock is kept in place. This means you can opt for secure deadbolts on all doors and won't need to replace them when rekeying the locks. These types of locks have steel bolts and faceplates that stop intruders from breaking the door jamb to get into secure areas. While the deadbolt offers security, you should understand that a cylinder lock can be snapped with a screwdriver or other tool forced into the keyhole. This breaks the cylinder in half so the door can be opened. About 25% of all burglaries involve lock snapping techniques to access a building. 

To prevent lock snapping concerns, ask your locksmith to install anti-snap locks. These locks feature small internal sections that snap off individually when the lock is tampered with. Typically, only the front part of the cylinder breaks away and the burglar cannot break the cylinder enough so the deadbolt disengages. The anti-snap locks are often more expensive than regular cylinder locks, but they offer the best protection.

Go with Keyless Entry

If your business has embraced technology, then choose locks that use keyless entry systems. This way, the locks will not need to be changed if an employee leaves your business. There are several different keyless systems you can purchase. The simplest system features a keypad. Every employee can be provided with a specific numeric code and these codes will be recorded into a database that you keep on your computer. The lock will come with a cord that plugs into your PC and pulls the data from the PC so it knows which codes will open the lock. A computer chip in the lock will also record who accesses the door according to the unique code and how often they do this. This data can be pulled from the lock daily or weekly when you connect your computer to it. 

This type of advanced system is ideal for outdoor locks where employees initially enter the building. However, the locking system and the user data can be utilized for multiple areas throughout the business. You also can purchase locks that work in a similar manner, but utilize key fobs instead of keypads. Each key fob must be activated, and they will each transmit a unique electrical signal to the lock. The signal can be activated, deactivated, and tracked according to your needs. 

For further information and tips, contact a commercial lock service through a website like http://www.suburbanlock.com.