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A New Home Search

Three Qualities Residents Look For In A Landlord

Elli Jokela

When tenants come to look at your property, they are not just determining if the property is right for them; they're also determining if you're a good fit for them as a landlord. If you want to secure the best, most responsible tenants, you'll do well to ensure you display the qualities these renters are typically looking for a landlord, which include:


Potential tenants will want to know that if they call you with a heating problem or plumbing problem in the middle of the night, they won't have to wait hours for service. They'll want to know that when you say you'll have a certain document to them by a specific date, they can count on it being there. During the tenant screening process, you can show that you are punctual in nature by

  • Showing up on time for your appointment to show the apartment
  • Sending follow-up emails and replies to tenant inquiries within a few hours
  • Having all documents (applications, etc) ready for tenants when you meet them


Sadly, there are a few dishonest landlords out there, and if your tenants have had bad experiences with them in the past, they're likely to be wary of subsequent landlords to ensure they don't run across another dishonest one. To show potential tenants that you're honest, make sure you

  • Present them with a clear, updated, specific lease. It's a good idea to have your lease looked over by a lawyer to ensure it properly protects both your rights and those of your tenants.
  • Answer their questions rather than skirting around them, even if you think they may not like the answer.
  • Provide tenants with references (from past tenants) if requested.

An Accommodating Attitude

You don't have to let tenants tear walls down or let three extra people move in, but tenants want to know that you're open to accommodating reasonable requests. There may be times when they ask if it's okay to have relatives park in an extra space, ask for their mailbox to be moved, or make other small by reasonable requests, and they want to know you'll at least consider them rather than being difficult to work with. Show your potential tenants that you're accommodating by

  • Listening if they ask you if certain lease terms can be changed. If you're not sure whether you're willing to make a change, tell them you will consider it, and then do so, rather than saying "no" right off the bat.
  • Being willing to make small adjustment to your schedule, if needed, to meet them for tasks like turning in an application or reviewing a lease.

By showing your potential tenants that you are honest, punctual, and accommodating, you'll have an easier time finding people who are happy to lease from you. After the lease is signed, make sure you follow through with these traits. Your tenants will tell other how pleased they are with you as a landlord, making it easier for you to lease your property in the future.

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