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A New Home Search

After several years of diligently saving money, I’m nearly ready to purchase my first home. Because I’ve been thinking about buying a home for so long, I know exactly what I want my house to look like. I desire a place that has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. I also need a quiet space to set up my home office in. I want a massive, walk-in closet in my master bedroom. My master bathroom needs to have double vanities, a tiled, walk-in shower, and a Jacuzzi tub. On this blog, I hope you will discover how to set priorities during your new home search. Enjoy!


A New Home Search

Why You Need A Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

Elli Jokela

Are you planning on selling your home and thinking of doing it yourself? Are you wondering if you'll save money if your home is listed as a "For Sale By Owner" instead of hiring someone to do it for you? Here are some reasons that you should hire a real estate agent instead of going it alone: 

1. Few buyer's agents will want to show your home.

In a typical real estate transaction, there are two real estate agents. One is the buyer's agent and one is the seller's agent. When you list your home as for sale by owner, also known as FSBO, you're taking the place of the seller's agent. Because becoming a real estate agent in the first place can take hundreds of hours of work, most people who list their homes as FSBO are unaware of many of the different facets of selling real estate. A buyer's agent will want to avoid potential headaches that come with trying to educate sellers in real estate transactions so they will instead show other agent-listed homes. 

2. Agents have a bigger network of potential buyers: 

There are many different real estate websites that a FSBO seller can use to market their property. But good real estate agents keep lists of people who are looking for properties with specific features. For example, some buyers may be looking for a particular number of floors or bedrooms in a home that is in a particular area of town. If your home is overlooked or ignored by real estate agents because it is FSBO, these potential buyers may never notice it online and they will never know that you're selling their dream home

3.Selling can be a full-time job.

 If you work from home or own your own business, you may be able to show the house whenever someone wants to see it. However, most people don't have that sort of luxury. Instead, you'll either have to coordinate conflicting schedules or try to take days off work. Hiring real estate agents means that you don't have to do any of that. Instead of losing valuable work hours, you'll be secure in knowing that someone else will be handling the house showing.

4. Negotiating can be difficult.

If you've lived in the house for many years, you probably have many memories wrapped up in the place. Although you're trying to sell it, you may think of it as practically priceless. This can make it difficult to discuss costs with a potential buyer. Is their offer too low or is it on par with similar homes in the area? A real estate agent will be a neutral third party who will be able to advise you on whether or not you should accept an offer or wait for a better bid.